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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mail and things!

Hey all!  I have had a very nice weekend, mostly relaxing.  I feel kind of bad though since I haven't even accomplished half of what I had planned.  Instead I had lunch with one of my friends on Saturday since we hadn't seen each other in a while, and today I went out for breakfast by myself and took in a movie.  I saw "New Year's Eve" and I really enjoyed it.  It was a sweet little movie.  :)  But then I came home and was mad at myself for not having done what needed to be done.  Oh well!  So, I thought I'd start off my post today with a photo of my sweet little babies snuggling together.
Aren't they the sweetest things on earth?
Well, I did manage to finish some images I was colouring to use to make Christmas cards.  I took a class a few weekends ago and learned this colouring technique which I really love.  I've always loved colouring and now I'm happy it looks like markers.  I still need to put the cards together though.  Not sure when I'll get that done this week.
I did receive some nice mail this week as well.  I need to send mine out tomorrow as well.  I've got a few things ready to post and I'm hoping they'll reach their destinations by Christmas.
I received these beautiful decos from a swap partner.  I really love them.  She also included some pretty note paper.
Here is another deco swap I received.
I've been receiving some lovely Christmas cards as well and here is a pretty envelope one came in.
Here is a lovely ATC I received as part of a swap.  I love the pretty envelope too.
I received a pretty letter (inside the heart card), Christmas card and FBs from my friend Heegene from Korea.
I received this private swap of FBs and decos from my friend in Hong Kong.  She also included a pretty cow letter set.
More Christmas cards on my card garland.
I love my little Christmas village.
While having lunch with my friend Sonia on Saturday I bought these cute mittens and two little cows (only one pictured, the other one is Noah's) made out of Alpaca wool.  The wool is so soft.
Okay, so this is all for now, I have lot's of work to do.  Have a nice week everyone!


  1. It was morning when check on your blog and YES, the 'two snuggling cats' photo really make my day :) Love them.
    Love your little Christmas village too. Seemed like you're all ready for Christmas :) May you have a really good one too this year :)

  2. I really love those Christmas cards you made, I'm not too keen on home made cards but yours look very professional :) I'm sure your pen pals will love to receive them! Good luck sending out things for Christmas though, the post office is never a safe place 2 weeks prior! :)

  3. Those little houses in your village are so lovely! <3

  4. ..Aww..those kitties looks so cute!
    Jacqueline, as I said in some other post before, you are an artist, your cards are beautiful!
    I find lovely your Christmas village! I see them every year in so many different stores and always spend a couple of minutes looking at them, just imagining they are real villages :D Your garland is full! Mine too :)

    I'm going to send you a pm tomorrow!
    Have a nice day my dear friend!