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Monday, November 21, 2011

A fabulous weekend!

I just came back from a fabulous weekend visiting my friend Molly in New Hampshire.  This time I went on my own and Noah stayed home with Jeffrey.  I always feel a little nudge of sadness when I don't bring Noah with me whenever I'm away for a few days.  However, I need the peace and relaxation sometimes.  I left Sherbrooke on Friday afternoon and drove for 3 1/2 hours before meeting Molly and her children at "Michael's" craft store.  Of course I bought a few things and then we headed to "Olive Garden" for dinner.  I love having their soup, salad and breadsticks meal.  I absolutely love soups, salads and breads so it's the perfect meal for me.  :)  On Saturday we had quite the busy day.  We went to a church bazaar where the ladies sell crafts, baked goods and there is a type of yard sale.  I bought a few things for really cheap.
A "Paddington Bear" game for 50 cents, a nice shelf (not pictured) for $3,00, cute Christmas ornaments for 25 cents each and a pair of mittens for $3,00.  I also bought a green pair for Noah (not pictured).
Next we went to Molly's house to drop off the kids since we were meeting our mutual pal and friend Nicole for lunch at our favourite restaurant "Pickity Place".  Molly's parents' home is beautiful with a nice solarium.  I would love a solarium, maybe someday.
Here are (from left to right); Diego, Jadira (Molly's children), Molly and her mother.
It was such a gorgeous sunny day.  Here you can see one of the gift shops/greenhouse at "Pickity Place".  It's very rustic.
Here I am waiting to be seated for our delicious lunch.
Our first course was a vegetable corn chowder soup which was absolutely delicious.
Next we were served a cranberry bean and spaghetti squash salad which was okay but nothing too special.  I must admit I was a little disappointed  with this salad.
As the main course we had two choices and I chose the pork roast with port, pears, apricots and rosemary (love rosemary) served with honey and soy glazed carrots.  It was quite good although I'm not a big fan of pork.
And, finally for dessert we had the most delicious pumpkin spice roll.  So, it was another great meal at "Pickity Place" among friends.  I bought some spice packs, Christmas cards and a nice sachet with black cat design on it.
Next Molly and I were off to do some shopping.  I bought a few Christmas presents and also some things for myself which I couldn't resist.
And, the book "Inspiration" by Jo Packman who also puts together the magazine "Where Women Create."  I've been wanting this book for a while.
Once shopping was done we went back to Molly's and I went to sleep.  I was exhausted.  I left early Sunday morning.  I was so happy to be home again and I had promised Noah we'd put up the Christmas tree upon my arrival.
The box of ornaments came out and we got busy.  We always put up our tree in November.  We love the preparations leading up to the holiday.  The tree is done but we still need to decorate the rest of the house and set up our village. 
Be back again soon with a mail post. :)


  1. Hey! I think it is so neat how you travel and visit friends. I will probably have time to do some traveling when the kids get older:-) Thanks for sharing with us!!

  2. Hi Jacqueline!! I'm glad to know you came to the USA to visit Molly again and spent such beautiful time together. The pics are pretty, they look in a way similar to NC. I like Olive Garden too, especially the breadsticks :D As you know I went to Michael's today but looking at your supplies make me want to go again lol I love everything you got!!