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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A short post...

Hi all!  Well, I have become once again very busy.  With my English teaching business I have taken on three more students.  I'm thrilled my business is growing and soon I'll have to make some serious decisions about whether I can keep working 32 hours at the music school.  Anyhow, besides  work I haven't had much time for anything else in the past two weeks.  I've become a boring workaholic.  At least I did manage to finish two decos for swaps this weekend.  
The theme of this deco I made is "19th Century Artist/Writer".  I chose one of my favourite Impressionist painters, Mary Cassatt.  I love her work.
The theme of this deco I made is "Vintage Winter".  I love this image.
And, there you have it.  My mailbox has been pretty empty lately but I do have a few pieces of mail to share, which will have to wait until another post.  I have English classes to prepare for tomorrow evening.  Have a nice Wednesday everyone!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jacqueline, nice to hear from you! I was missing you and your posts along with all those beautiful decos you make and receive :)
    I'm also glad to know your business at home is growing!

    I hope you have a little bit of free time soon!
    Hugs ^^