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Sunday, January 15, 2012

A bit of mail!

So, it was back to work last week.  A bit of a bummer really since I had accomplished so much with letter writing and crafting decos while on holiday.  As much as I try to stay awake sometimes to write or create in evenings my eyes start closing all on their own.  Sigh!  I did manage to write a couple of letters this week but sadly no crafting.  :(  My teaching business is expanding as well which is nice since it is what I would like to do full time.  And, now the weekend is almost over so it's back to the old work routine tomorrow.  I wish I could have a few more days but then don't we always?!
Here is a beautiful deco I received from a swap partner.  She is from France and so talented.
Another deco I received from a very talented artist.  This was part of a swap and the theme was "19th Century Writers/Artists".
Here's an ATC I received this past week for a swap themed "Vintage Kitchen".
I also received a sweet letter and FBs from my friend Beate from Norway.  I LOVE the stationary she used.
Luna from Germany kindly returned a deco that was made for me by Valeriane from France.  The theme of the deco was "Vintage Sisters" and the entries are lovely.
And, this is all from me for today.  I want to get the most out of my Sunday evening before my eyes start closing.  Ha!  See yas soon!


  1. I'm here :) Looks like blogger is working fine again. How pretty decos you received! How many of them do you have? They are like mini books with no words. Every page,a different world. I absolutely love the stationary you mentioned and the small tea cup in one of the decos, so cute.
    I hope you have a wonderful Monday, dear friend!

  2. It's nice to see the Deco you have received, I can't wait to start again!! Have a nice day!