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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Decos and mail!

Hello all!  It's been an incredibly busy week with work.  I was so happy to see the weekend come around.  I slept most of the day yesterday and today.  I just hate this time of the year when it is gray outside.  I'm so looking forward to spring.  At least we change the calendar to February this week so one month closer.  Despite having slept most of the weekend I did manage to make some decos for swaps and I am working on a letter which I hope to finish tonight.
I made this deco as part of a swap without a real theme.  I really like the way it turned out.
I made this deco with the theme "Vintage Fashionista" for a swap.  I chose Jacqueline Kennedy since she was a beautiful lady with a great style.
I made this deco with the theme "Cute Characters in the Snow" as part of another swap.  I love the House Mouse characters.
I made this deco with the theme "Holiday Treats" as part of another swap.
I haven't received much mail lately but here's what I did receive.
I received these two beautiful decos themed "Gingerbread Men" and "Victorian Christmas" from a swap partner.
I also received these two ATCs themed "Vintage Beauty" and "Farm Animals" from a swap partner.
And, I received this wonderful letter from my friend Sharon from The Netherlands.  I love the stationary she used.
Hopefully this week will be better mail-wise.  I hate having an empty mailbox.  :(  And, so I leave you with a photo of my sleep buddies today.


  1. I love your work, well done! Hugs

  2. Dear Jacqueline, thank you so much for the wonderful letter, I received it today and just opened it a half an hour ago. I loooove everything! And I also love your newest deco-work, you know that. :)

    I cannot wait to answer your letter and hopefully I will be able to do that soon.

  3. Everything is beautiful, Jacqueline! I hope you are less busy this week and have a little free time. I don't want the spring to come yet, we are still waiting for snow!
    Hugs ^^

  4. I love your Decos, They are so beautiful!!! I want to make like these!!