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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I'm back with a mail post!

Well, hello friends!  I haven't posted anything these past couple of months as you know because of blogger wanting to charge a fee for downloading photos.  I've had to delete my entire first year of posts in order to download photos without paying.  I must admit this really annoys me but I have missed blogging.  So, I'm back, for now, and we'll see how it goes.  I'm starting off the new year with a mail post.  This week I've received:
A lovely selection of collage materials from a group swap partner.  She also sent me some lovely decos as part of a private swap.
A pretty "Let it Snow" ATC and pretty papers from another group swap partner.
A pretty "Gingerbread House" deco from another group swap partner.
A wonderful letter and photos from my sweet pal Renata in Germany.
And, another wonderful letter and belated Christmas gifts (a Christmas ornament book and stickers) from my friend Nicole in the USA.
Noah is back at school since yesterday but here he is during the holidays.  He was doodling something.  He loves drawing, doodling and fiddling with paper.  He must get his paper obsession from me.
Here's what one of our cats, Mustang, does with most of his days.
This is the painting I made and gave my mother for Christmas.  I love giving handmade gifts but during the past years I haven't had much time for making anything.  I hope to get back to my creative roots this year.
I also hope to be more regular with blog posts than I have been during the past year.  Enjoy the rest of the week!  :)


  1. Beautiful painting that you made for your mother.

  2. Hi Jacquelineee! I miss you!! I had been very busy the 3 or 4 past weeks, but now I'm back to blogland, letters, crafts, e mails and so on. Thank you so much for your lovely package!! You always sent me beauties ^^
    I love the first picture, all the materials you got are amazing...I especially love the old looking paper! Ohh I want to be a cat like yours and rest all day ahahaha...Your painting is beautiful!! O.O
    I'm sorry to hear you deleted the whole first year of posts >:( I have the same problem, as you know. Anyways, happy to visit you again, I'll let you know when my package is ready to fly to Canada!! Happy New Year!! Noah is all grown up and he looks very handsome, I love his smile and eyes :D