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Monday, May 23, 2011

Papercrafty weekend!

Well, I certainly was a busy little beaver this weekend. I've done lots of laundry and I'm caught up-yay, then I bought some plants to hang on the front porch, cleaned up the yard a bit, and was able to also work on some swaps and letters. Wow! It was great! :) So, I though I'd share some stuff I made with you.

Here are two more ATCs I made to exchange with Natalea from Kandeland. Our themes this time were; Birds (on the left) and Written words/Letters (on the right). I really love how these both turned out.

Here is my first attempt at decorating an enveloppe (mail art). I'm not particularly crazy about it. I'm doing a swap with a lady named Jessica. We fill the enveloppe with items you might use for mail art.

Some FBs I made for Japanese ladies as part of a swap. I love how they turned out.

A deco I made (All for Manu) as part of a swap. I love this one too.

Here is my entry for a Paddington Bear themed deco. Love this one too.

Finally an entry for a Tea Time deco which I also love.

I was really on a roll this weekend. I made some other decos/FBs but didn't take photos of them. This evening I will do more letter writing and relax. Hope everyone had a nice weekend!


  1. The ATCs look artistic! :)

  2. You did a beautiful job on the envelope!!! I don't see why you don't like it. It's lovely. I definitely am looking foward to receiving it. Your decos are all soooo cute!!!

    Thank you Jacqueline for swapping with me.
    Much Aloha~ Jes

  3. Hi Jacqueline, I've tagged you. Please check my blog :)