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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Finished painting + swaps!

Here I am again on a very raining day. It's actually been raining since yesterday. We had a gorgeous week of sun and warmth. On Thursday evening it was so nice we had dinner in the park and then Noah played for a while. I like such family outings. Wish I had had my camera but I forgot. Oh well! Next time, right?! Otherwise life has been hectic with appointments, Noah's end of school year and work. I've also been a little tired lately so I've needed to catch up on my sleep. It seems to often happen at this time of the year, not sure why. I have BIG plans in my head but lacking in energy to complete. :(

Well, I did finish my painting in my class last Tuesday. I love the way it turned out although this photo is a little blurry. I need to do the frame and then I'm still considering giving it to my mother. This week I'll finish the apron with the rooster design. I can't wait to get it done. I have lot's of projects to finish here at home so hopefully I'll get them done over the summer. I'm thinking of posting some on Etsy to sell but I haven't yet decided. I'm a bit nervous about the whole process.

This week I received another round of ATCs from Natalea. Our themes were; on the left, Romantic Garden, and on the right, Domestic Bliss/Retro Kitchen. Of course I LOVE them. We have two more themes in process.

I took part in a postcard swap hosted by Gracie and this is the postcard I received from my partner from Australia. She also included a business postcard and tag she made. Lovely!

More lovely postcards from Natalea's postcard swap I joined. I love receiving these artsy postcards with quotes. I'll miss receiving them when the swap is done. :(

I absolutely LOVE this Vintage Hats deco made by my partner in a group swap. I love the delicate colours, image and design. Gorgeous!

I received this Black Cats deco from a group swap. Very original and a bit spooky!

I also received a great letter and FBs from my friend Saara from Finland.

And, another great letter and FBs from my friend Beate from Norway.

I thought I'd leave you with a sweet photo of Subaru who LOVES climbing everywhere. He drives me crazy when I'm trying to sleep at night but I just can't get mad at such a sweetie. Here he is on top of our fireplace. Have a nice rest of the weekend!


  1. the painting is beautiful Jacqueline!
    have a great week, xo natalea

  2. I think I'm gonna visit you very often! Everything looks beautiful, even Subaru!
    Thank you for visiting me!

  3. So great. I think the painting is really beautiful.

    Oh Anastasia sent some lovely things. She's such a sweet person. I really do love to receive mail.

    Post cards are always fun too.

  4. WOW!!! Your painting is absolutely gorgeous!!!! You received a lot of wonderful mail as well. TFS. :)