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Saturday, May 21, 2011

More painting & mail!

Hey all! Hope you're having an absolutely fantastic weekend where ever you may be. So far so good on my end. I've taken a nice long nap, hung out some laundry and now it's blog time. Noah and Jeffrey have gone swimming so it's just me and the cats. :) I think we might even go out for dinner tonight. Okay, so this week has been busy once again. Better to be busy than have nothing to do, right? On Monday evening I finished painting the rooster design on my apron. Of course I complained the entire time because for some reason it seemed every brushstroke I made was wrong. But, I am satisfied with it. It's always the same story with me. I must learn to have confidence.

I'm thinking of painting "Jackie's kitchen" on the top part of the apron.

Here's a close-up of the rooster.

I received two postcards in the mail this week. On the left was sent by my bloggy pal Gracie and on the right was part of the swap hosted by Natalea. How original that the postcard was sewed fabric on cardboard. :)

I also received Vintage Children FBs as part of a group swap.

Another group swap, 2 established decos.

And, a letter with FBs from my friend Isabelle in Switzerland.

So, now I'm off to organize my craft room so I can work on some swaps tonight. :)


  1. The rooster is great, Jacqueline, it looks REAL!

  2. Hi sweetie! I really love the way you painted the rooster, it's beautiful. =) - Hugs

  3. Hello lovely Jacqueline, for me today it is a dubbel garland what I can hang up why?... because of your sweetest visit at my blog, thank you. And my mouth fell open, did you really paint that rooster?... STUNNING.
    And I fell in love with your two beautiful cats, miauw....
    Sending you warm spring greetings from Cindy

  4. You are very talented, I love the rooster, looks real :) The postcard made by fabric it's a great idea! Have a nice Monday!