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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Incoming mail!

It's such a gorgeous day! I'm so happy because I have nowhere to go and I can just sit in my backyard writing letters. :) I haven't been able to relax at home for some time because it seems I am always having to go somewhere. Before heading outside for my day of writing I thought I'd show you some of the mail I received this week. First though, I want to share a couple of photos of some friendship books I recently made for group swaps.

"Alice in Wonderland" FBs.

"Sarah Kay" FBs.

Not quite sure why some of my photos come out blurry like this sometimes, but these are two ATCs with the theme "Vintage Ads" from a swap partner. They really are lovely. :)

A pretty postcard from my friend Molly from New Hampshire.

A wonderful letter and HQFBs from my friend Margaret from Scotland.

A sweet letter and FBs from my friend Astrid from Norway.

We belong to one of the same swap groups so she made me these cute "Sarah Kay" FBs since I was her partner.

Two pretty decos from a swap partner.

A few decos from another swap partner.

A cute "Felix the Cat" deco from another swap partner.

And, finally a wonderland letter from my friend Lone from Germany who also sent a few fun things. I had been waiting for this letter since she had mentioned sending it during the Canada Post strike. Yay! It arrived safely. :)
Hope everyone has a fantastic day!


  1. Hi Jacqueline! All you have made and all you have received is beautiful!
    How many letters and packages have you received after 2 weeks with no mail? Just curious :)

  2. Hi Maria! Always nice to hear from you! Actually the mail has been slow coming in so I have only received about 1 letter per day although I know many have been mailed. Canada Post is REALLY backlogged with letters and can't seem to keep up. Sigh!

  3. ohhh :( I thought you were going to tell me that you had received a bunch of letters and packages, like 15 or 20! Well I'm sure they'll arrive soon!! Hugs, have a nice weekend!