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Monday, July 18, 2011

Crafts & mail!

Aw...the weather has been so incredibly gorgeous and I've been enjoying it to the fullest. Most of the past days have been spent outdoors; hanging out laundry, taking in nature, trying to write letters and swimming at the pool with Noah and Jeffrey. It's just too nice to stay inside. However, today I started teaching English again after being on vacation since the end of June. I'm doing private lessons at my student's home at her parents request. It's all very relaxed since Chloe is only 6 years old. I just love her family. Anyway, there are still so many things I want to accomplish this summer but time just seems to be flying so quickly. So, before I keep babbling on here I wanted to share a couple of things I made and last week's mail.

A "Vintage Ballerina" deco I made for a group swap.

Two "Vintage Ad" ATCs I made for another group swap.

I just love this "Vintage Sailors" deco I received from a group swap.

Some very fun and original decos I received from another group swap.

Another group swap of FBs and decos.

"Anything Vintage" and "Alice in Wonderland" FBs from another group swap.

A postcard from my Greek friend Ioanna.

A wonderful letter (as always) from my friend from Finland Rosita. She included some really nice stuff, including some of my favourites from the "Tilda" collection. It is so difficult for me to use these things since I can't buy them here. Sigh!

Another great letter from my friend Andrea from England who also sent some nice things, including photos of her sweet cats. I just love cats, they are such wonderful creatures.

A lovely letter from my friend Sarah from New Zealand. I love the stationary she used, so pretty.

On another note, I wanted to share a very bad experience we had last week. Well, those of you who follow my blog and know me personally know we have really terrible neighbours. They have two young daughters and are just horrible people who teach their children to be intolerant towards those who are different. They don't like Noah because he is diffrent, meaning autistic. They don't want their daughters playing with Noah and don't even want him on their property. However, Noah for some unknown reason to me likes the neighbours and wants them to be nice, so he tells me. He goes to see them and they always send him home or ignore him by running in the house yelling "lock the door." Yes, we're talking about adults here who are well educated and we live in a good neighbourhood. Anyway, I think you get the picture of what they are like. So, last week I look out my front window to see the police coming up my driveway. The neighbours called the police to let us know they never want Noah to go on their property again. I was livid, and I don't even think that describes the anger I felt. Oh my goodness, Noah is 9 years old and not a monster. They should really be ashamed of themselves. I'm thinking karma will get them. Noah was traumatised at first and didn't even want to go outside but now he's okay although he doesn't understand why they dislike him so. I told him not everybody is nice like him. It's not easy to explain since I don't understand myself. Thanks for letting me vent. See you again sometime this week.

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  1. Hi I'm Bree! Wow..I really like those Finnish stamps and stationery. I love cats too. Really nice and cute pictures of the cat. Your blog is really awesome! Keep it up!
    ~Bree from