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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Weekend in New Hampshire!

Last weekend I visited my friend Molly who lives in New Hampshire, USA. I always love to see Molly and her children, Jadira and Diego. We usually go out to eat at Olive Garden (I love their soup and salad meal) and do some shopping. This time I kept myself on a very tight budget and only bought a few things for Noah. I was quite proud of myself too. Well, actually the Michael's store was cleaning out or something because there was hardly anything on the shelves so there wasn't much to tempt me. Ha! However, the highlight of my weekend was having lunch with Molly, her 6 year old daughter Jadira, and our mutual pal and friend Nicole at "Pickity Place", our favourite quaint little restaurant in the forest. Here are some photos I'd like to share. :)

"Pickity Place" is actually a little cottage in the forest turned restaurant. It was built in 1786 and was used by illustrator Elizabeth Orton Jones to illustrate her version of the book "The Little Red Riding Hood". Here is a side view of the cottage where you enter the restaurant.

There are such beautiful gardens full of herbs, flowers, vegetables and other plants. It is just plain breath taking. They use these fresh herbs and vegetables to prepare their delicious dishes.

Here is a photo of me, my friend Nicole and Molly's daughter Jadira in front of "Pickity Place". As you can see Jadira is adorable wearing her Little Red Riding Hood costume. We had told her the restaurant owners would ask her to work there as a hostess welcoming the clients.

Isn't she just plain adorable?! :)

If you look closely you can see a sheep in the little building.

On the left side it is part of the restaurant and the right side is their absolutely fantastic gift shop. I took a few photos inside as I just love this little shop so much.

They sell so many beautifully handcrafted items mostly made by local artisans. I could spend a small fortune here.

I've always loved potterie and theirs is gorgeous. Last November when we went to Pickity I bought a soup bowl with sandwich dish but I've yet to use it. It's just too pretty. Sounds silly, I know.

Soaps, oil essence, gift cards and other trinkets.

Various spice packs can be found and bought to reproduce some of Pickity's flavour. Last November I also bought some steak spices, patato soup mix, garlic bread herbs and lavender lemonade packets, all delicious.

Me in the shop, browsing, taking it all in.

My sweet friends sitting down for our lunch (Jadira, Molly and Nicole).

Our luncheon consisted of a delicious creamy broccoli with smoked Gouda soup. Next was a Quinoa and black bean salad which I had a photo of but just accidently deleted it. Grr... This salad was to die for. Mmm...

Main course was this delicious Strata bolognese and parmesan herb bread (not pictured). Do I need to say it was delicious? I wish I could make such lovely and yummy meals.

And, the dessert, strawberry and chocolate custard tart. This is the first time I have to say I didn't enjoy eating something at Pickity. The dessert was very bland in comparison to the rest of the meal. Of course that will not keep me away from Pickity in the future. Molly, Nicole and I are already looking forward to another delicious culinary experience at Pickity in the fall.

PS: The mail is moving again. The strike at Canada Post is now OVER. Yay! :) Stay tuned for a mail post within the next few days.


  1. Such a lovely place, Jacqueline! I love the potteries too, call me crazy, but the food is much better in them! O_o I also love how they look, I have quite many at home. Pottery is a traditional occupation in my country, I shall make some pics when I will go to the next fair, I think you will like the models. The food looks great too, in my kind of way. :) I am happy to see you spent such a great time! <3

  2. Hi Laura! I would love to see photos from the next craft fair you attend. :) I had a wonderful time in New Hampshire. I had the best night's sleep I've had in a while. By the way, I finally posted a link to your shop (Jeffrey did it for me as I am not so great with computers). Also, I mailed your big letter out on Wednesday Hope it travels to you quickly and safely.