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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mail & decos!

Hi all! :) We enjoyed such a lovely day yesterday, beautiful, hot and sunny, but today it is really cold, like 10 celcius cold. Brr... It hasn't been much of an exciting week so far although I've been busy, thinking of job prospects for the fall. On the weekend I was busy with crafting but haven't done anything since then although I was supposed to go to my painting teacher's house to work on teacher gifts. I will definately need to do that next Monday as there are only three weeks of school left. Here are a few photos I want to share.

Here is a deco I made with the theme "Black Cats" and I really like how it turned out. I've always liked that Black Cat Paris ad.

This is a "Vintage Hats" deco I made for a group swap.

Here is a "House Mouse" deco I made for another group swap. I just adore these little mice.

This is the very first deco made for me that I have ever received. Well, I haven't received any I have made for myself either so I was pretty excited when my friend Kimie returned this one to me. It was made by a fellow swapper, Valeriane from France. The theme was "Dessert Animals" and the entries are lovely. Thanks so much Valeriane for making this deco for me and to the talented ladies who signed it.

Kimie also sent me various other decos as part of a group swap.

Here are some cute "Matryoshka doll" FBs for another group swap.

Here are some FBs with the theme "All for Tomomi" for another group swap which I received. She also sent some pretty stickers.

Here is a wonderful letter I received from my friend Renata from Germany.

And, I would like to leave you with a gorgeous piece of art my son Noah made at school. It's a papercraft project and I love it. I'm planning on framing it and putting it in my art room. Love it! See yas soon! :)


  1. Ohh! I like the art made by Noah. He's so talented :)

  2. Thanks so much sweetie! Of course I'm biased but I also think he is talented. He! He!

  3. As usual, I like everything you post! but my favorites are your two decos, The vintage and Black cat..I love the face in the tinny cat, is that a button? Looks cute!

  4. What a lovely piece of art Noah made, it will be perfect for your art room where you can look at it to get inspiration for your own art work. =)

    I love the decos you shared, especially all the animals. You know me! ;o)

    Have a wonderful weekend.