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Sunday, March 20, 2011

More mail & stuff!

And, now I have a bit of a cold. I'm congested and feel like I am very old with aches and pains. However, I shall not complain too much because it has been so sunny for the past few days. Awe.....just lovely! I have slept a lot this weekend due to my cold but on Friday evening I did meet up with the papercrafts/card group of ladies. We meet once per month which is nice. This time we covered a regular note book with scrapping paper, punched out flowers and added a rubber stamped tag. I really loved how it turned out. It was simple and quick. :) Take a look below.

I do buy supplies regularly but I always seem to forget to share them here. I used to but then I guess I've gotten sidetracked these past few months. I recently bought these really cute flowers at this craft store near my home. I always find such great things there for a good price. It's one of my favourite stores.

And, now it's time for the mail. Here is a beautiful Vintage Housewives deco I received for a group swap. I love the colours and design.

I received this beautiful deco from a group swap as well. This artist from France always does beautiful work.

A Precious Moments deco as part of another group swap. It is really pretty and I love the soft colours.

Two decos, Vintage Valentine and PAP Movie Stars from a group swap. They are lovely.

These Vintage Valentine FBs are absolutely gorgeous. They were also part of a group swap. My partner also sent a postcard and stickers. That was very sweet of her.

Here are pretty Vintage Housewives FBs from a group swap.

My friend Susi from Austria recently traveled to Oman and sent me this pretty postcard.

I received this wonderful letter from my friend Maiken. She also sent two FBs.

And, yet another lovely letter from my friend Molly in New Hampshire. She included FBs and great photos.

I also received this beautiful note card and stickers from my friend Lone from Germany.

So, I'm off to finish up the laundry and then hopefully a letter to my friend Rosita in Finland. :)


  1. Oh, so wonderful to have a group of friends with whom you can craft! I do not have friends with this passion like me. I have though a couple of freinds who are painters, a graphic artist and also a couple of artisans but they work only with the wood. Nobody from around me is bite by the mail-art bug. :)) Sending you hugs and I hope your health will be good again soon.

    PS. I will mail your letter tomorrow morning. Everything is finaly ready and wrapped up, waiting on my desk. I will go to the post office in the morning with the whole pile of letters. :)

  2. Hi , I'm sorry to hear that you're not well. Hope you get well soon. =)

    You are lucky to have friends to craft with, that is something of great value. My friends and I are so totally different when it comes to things like this so I'm on my own physically, but with many friends mentally. ;o)

    Hugs Bee.

  3. Gah, hope you are feeling better. You are so talented!