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Friday, December 3, 2010

Kittens, letters 'n' swaps!

Goodness! I'm having such a difficult time keeping up with everything these days, actually it's been months since I've been able to organize myself properly. I used to be such an organized person until my burn-out a couple of years ago. I wonder if I'll ever be able to multi-task as I once did. It can certainly be frustrating. I always mean to do this and that but there just seems to be mountains of things to do...Ugh! I'm anxious just thinking about it! So, let me change the subject before I get myself all worked up about what I haven't done yet. Let's talk kittens. They have certainly made themselves at home and are quite mischieveous. I think Subaru (beige) sleeps with his ears open because whenever I try to sweep or do anything there he is underfoot. And, Mustang (gray) thinks I am a bed for him to sleep on. He snuggles right up on my shoulder making it impossible for me to do anything. But, they are so darn cute!!! Take a look at the photos below. :)

Kylie, the old lady (Nikkisum's sister) is learning to tolerate them unless they get too close. They have become used to her growling and hissing so they don't really care anymore. They follow her around which annoys her to no end. It can be quite amusing.

Subaru is the mischieveous one. We moved the plant on the counter because he had basically killed it so now he thinks, one, it's okay to jump on the counter (not) and two, use the plant as his bed (not again).
So, onto some mail news now.

I received a wonderful letter this week from my friend Nicole whom I had lunch with at the beginning of November (previous post). She sent cute decos, postcards, a great travel report and photos.

Today I received a great letter from my friend Annette from Australia with some belated birthday presents. It's never too late to celebrate!

I also received a great letter from my friend Laura from Romania. She sent some craft supplies, decos and FBs.

Then I received this fantastic letter with FBs that my friend Margaret and I thought had gone missing since it was mailed in June. She lives in Scotland so not on another planet. It makes no sense that her letter took so long to reach me. But, well at least it did.
And, some swap news now.

I received 50g est. fbs as part of a group swap.

And, 3 postcards from the Ukraine, 50g est. fbs (2x) and two teabags from another group swap.

Another group swap with gorgeous decos, House Mouse FBs, stickers and embellishments.

Two lovely Vintage New York decos as another group swap.

A pretty Vintage Nurse deco from a group swap.

I've also started receiving pretty Christmas cards and also some packages which I have put under the tree. I always open the cards beforehand though. The top right card is from my friend Lone in Germany. It is a Marjolain Bastin card and I love her art work. :) The card next to it is from my friend Eva, also from Germany. The Santa card on the bottom is from my friend Nicole and the one next to it is from Stefanie in Switzerland. It is really pretty and made by her.
So, this is all for this evening. I hope to be back soon to show you some of the craft projects I have been working on. I need to get them done for Christmas. Yikes!


  1. Hi!
    We have so much news in common :) Firstly, Subaru is just like my cat 'Opi' (not only the colour is quite similar buat also she's quite mischievous). I don't know what she did to my plant but it's basically dying too!
    And your belated mail from Scotland is what I had last month for my mail from Hungary. Luckily, the envelope is still in good condition and none of the contents are missing. :)
    And I love your kittens. They look sooooo adorable.

  2. The kitties are so cute!! How sweet!

  3. Aaaaww! You kittens are soooo cute!! Thanks for charing your photos, it made my day. (I'm still smiling). =) How are you doing sweetie? I am doing okay, but like you there is just so many things that holds me up lately. I have kept saying to myself it'll be over soon and back to normal, but I'm not sure whom I'm trying to convince here. It sure hasn't calmed down yet!=D It's only 13 days until X-mas (or Yule as we call it) and that goes waaay to fast for me... LOL!

    Hope you have received my parcel.
    Lot of love,