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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Weekend in sunny New Hampshire!

I had such a wonderful weekend in New Hampshire with my friend Molly and her family. It was such a warm and sunny weekend too. Whenever I am somewhere shopping I always tend to look around to buy for others but this time it was about ME. I bought myself some crafting supplies, a blouse, a sweater and a t-shirt. I also bought the book "Eat, Pray, Love" and I'm looking forward to reading it before I watch the DVD. I'm already reading something now and I'm not the type of person who reads more than one book at a time so I'll have to patiently wait. Anyhow, on Sunday, Molly and I met our mutual pal Nicole at "Pickity Place" for lunch. I absolutely LOVE this restaurant. It is a house turned into a restaurant in the forest surrounded by gardens and there are two gift shops. Once you arrive at "Pickity Place" you can feel yourself relaxing and enjoying nature. How lovely it must be to relax there with a book (weather permitting of course). I LOVE their gift shops and spent over $100.00 and let me tell you I could've bought more. Below you'll see my purchases. The lunch we had was DELICIOUS! I look forward to going again next spring. Of course the company was also wonderful! :) Below is a photo of myself, Molly and Nicole (left to right).

A beautiful fall display right outside one of the gift shops.

I thought this bird bath display was really pretty.

And now my purchases. I love pottery so I bought this pretty bowl with plate for soup and a sandwich, only to be used by ME. Also, a balsamic vinaigrette, packets for lavender lemonade, potato soup, steak seasoning and garlic butter seasoning. Yum!

I also couldn't resist a bar of lavender soap. I could just walk around with it stuck to my nose I love the smell so much.

I also bought a beautiful bracelet made from clay beads. I love these colours.

And, finally I bought a wonderful assortment of Christmas items, hot chocolate, tea cup cards with packets of tea, vintage style ornaments.

I LOVE shopping in these types of boutiques so much and I dream of owning one someday.
Okay, onto some mail news now. I received this lovely Coco Chanel Deco as part of a group swap.

Also these Apples & Pumpkin FBs for another group swap.

And, these Leonardo Da Vinci Decos for another group swap.

My friend Molly sent me a sweet sympathy card for Nikkisum's passing and some photos.

And, that concludes my news for tonight. :)

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  1. Hi sweetie, sorry for being so quiet lately. Much have happened. I've been thinking about you and hope you are doing better in your life. I sent you an envie here the other day, hope it'll reach you soon. =)

    I am back online blogging again, and I'm on Facebook (Little Bee - queen_of_lightning add).

    Sounds like you had a fab shoping round, LOVE the vintage style Christmas ornaments!=D It's the first Sunday of Advent today and I bet you have some traditions around it. I'll go get the star and the 7 armed light thingie now, and light the first candle light. =)
    Have a nice day. Hugs.