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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More mail & Christmas!

Wow! I can't beleive how quickly time is flying by. Only 48 days left until Christmas and I have A LOT to do. Today was a rest day for me. I was exhausted and lately I've felt like all I have done is run, run, run. It was nice to just relax and think of myself for a change. After I finish up here I'm going to make some hot cocoa, turn on some Christmas music and answer some letters. Something about Christmas music makes me smile and relax. :) So, onto some mail news.
A beautiful "Vintage Couples" Deco I received from a swap partner for a group swap.

A wonderful letter from my friend Lone in Germany. She also sent a great travel report from her travels to The Netherlands, decos, FB, postcards, photos and a cute Halloween card she made.
"Cute Characters in Fall" FBs I received from a group swap partner.

On the weekend we celebrated Noah's 9th birthday. We didn't really do much since the weather was so crappy, wet and damp. However, we went to the pool (one of his favourite activities), had this yummy cake and presents. He is 9 years old but still likes Pooh and friends. He doesn't like anything violent or scary. Some parents encourage their children to like "things their age" but we always tell Noah he can like what he wants. :)

As I mentioned Christmas is coming so time to think of gift giving (something I love). I painted this cat design on a bag that holds wine bottles for one of Noah's teachers. She is fantastic and deserves a nice thoughtful gift. I still have the lettering to do. I really like the way it turned out.

And, I've been buying a steady supply of craft items. Here are some of the things I found at a shop near my home today. I'll be starting on Christmas card making next week.

This weekend I'll be out of town. I'm going to visit my friend Molly in Keene, New Hampshire. We'll do some shopping and on Sunday we'll meet our mutual pal Nicole for lunch at a great restaurant called "Pickity Place". I'm really looking forward to it. :o)


  1. Happy birthday to Noah! :) Such a handsome young boy. And... have a wonderful weekend with your friend! ♥

  2. Wow, very great all! And I love the cat you've painted on that bag. Very good! I couldn't do that...