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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mail update & shopping!

So, it was another crazy busy week and I'm loving it! The days consisted of office work at the music/art school as well as time in the preschool classroom, meetings in the afternoon for Noah and teaching my English students in the evenings. I was so happy to get some shopping done in between and I also signed up for some art classes at the artists' open house today. Then I took Noah to the pool and we ran some errands. Tomorrow we're off to the fair while Jeffrey works. I love spending time just Noah and I. He's a good companion although he may be exhausting since he does tend to run off if he sees anything interesting. In regards to crafts and letter writing, well I haven't done much but next week I should have more time. Here is some of the mail I've received in the past two weeks:

A wonderful letter from my friend Nicole from Massachusetts, USA. She included a very interesting travel report of her trip to Trinidad and Tobago this summer and photos. She also sent some decos, FBs and stamps.

Next, I received this lovely ATC (upper right corner) from a group swap with a few extras.

Another ATC I received from a group swap.

A pretty thank you card from my friend Molly from USA.

A beautiful "Vintage Coffee Ad" deco from another group swap.

A lovely letter from my friend Claudia from Germany and some photos from her summer vacation.

Another pretty ATC and extras from a group swap.

Another wonderful letter and FBs from my friend Beate from Norway.

A gorgeous "Marie-Antoinette" deco from a group swap.

A private FBs and decos (below) swap from my friend Kimie from Vancouver.

We also had a private ATC swap and one is for a group swap as well. Aren't these ATCs she made just lovely?

As I mentioned above, I decided to treat myself to some shopping this week. I bought myself a laminator since I make a lot of my own materials for teaching English. It'll certainly come in handy and be cheaper than having lamination done at a shop. I also bought myself a pretty blouse, forest green cardigan, coconut eau de toilette and soap. It felt lovely spoiling myself after being on a fairly tight budget all summer.

I also went to a local art store today and bought myself some supplies. Many of the items were on sale. :)

And, a few more items at a local Dollar Plus store.

And, a caddy to hold all the time used supplies. Aw...wonderful shopping. I still have many things on my list but I guess I've bought enough for now, least for this week. Ha!


  1. Lovely mail! And I loved everything you bought! :)

  2. Hi Jacqueline! I like the idea of the travel report, I would like to make something like that. All the ATC's, FB's and decos you have received look lovely, even the envelopes look wonderful :D Do you keep the envelopes? I do, well I keep everything hehe.
    Ohh you found lots of goodies in the store!!I want to get those bottle caps too, yesterday I saw them in many colors and sizes.
    I'm glad to visit you as usual! Hugs.