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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Incoming mail!

Happy weekend everyone! The weather is gorgeous. Today I brought Noah horseback riding (he hadn't been practically all summer), then we went out to lunch and came home to relax a little before going to the pool. Now all is quiet and I thought I'd post about my incoming mail for the past week. First up, I decided to do a mail art swap with Jessica from the United States. She sent me such a beautifully decorated enveloppe with such awesome items, as well as a letter. Everything was so nicely packaged too. I love everything she sent, especially the Matryoshka doll rubber stamp. I've decided mail art is quite fun and I'd like to more such swaps.

Next I received a nice package full of crafting supplies for angeling some swaps in one of my groups.

I received a nice letter and postcard from Helen in Finland. I love the pretty stationary she used.

I received another great letter from my friend Maiken from Norway. She also sent a FB and photos.

I received another great letter and postcard from my friend Eva from Germany.

I received a very pretty card along with some FBs from my friend Molly from the USA. I love the card and have the same set. :)

I also received a "Vintage Bathing Beauties" deco from a group swap.

And, I recently went shopping with my mother and saw these cute stickers. I also bought myself a skirt and my mother bought me a novel by James Patterson as an early birthday present. Isn't it nice to find little somethings when you go shopping?!

So, it's back to work for me on Monday after having had practically the entire summer off. I'm happy to be getting back into a routine but at the same time I wish I had more free time. I still have lot's to do I didn't get to this summer but isn't that always the way it goes?!


  1. So much lovely mail :) The Matryoshka doll stamp is a really lovely gift to receive. I think I will definitely need to decorate my envelopes letters more.
    Those stickers are really sweet too. x

  2. YAY!!! I'm sooo happy that you enjoy my mail art swap I sent you. I'm sorry it took me some time to get it out to you. I can be such a slow poke when it comes to replying to my letters but I am always determined to reply. I look forward to your next mail. You got lots of fun goodies. WOO HOO!!!! :)

  3. WOW I'm sure you and your mailbox have been very happy with all these goodies!I love the Matryoshka too, haven't seen them over here, I found some Matryoshka erasers but not rubber stamps. Happy to visit you again!