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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A fantastic mail day! :)

It has been so incredibly gloomy here lately. My goodness I can't beleive how at the beginning of the month it was 40 celcius with sun and ever since it has been 15 celcius, cool and rainy. I really despise this gloomy weather and was just saying that to myself as I walked out to my mailbox this afternoon. But, when I opened it and found 4 packages and 3 enveloppes I was so happy. It really brightened my day. :) So, my birthday continues!

Here are some Daisy Duck FBs part of a group swap. Aren't they so cute? Isabelle also sent me a postcard from Lyon in France.

A letter from Italy from Patrizia and a FB. I love the stationary and enjoyed reading this intro letter.

My friend Claudia from Germany sent a letter along with a beautifully handcrafted card and address labels for my birthday.

From my friend Ria in Trinidad, a pretty card, note paper, note book, stickers and stationary.

From my friend Reiko in Japan, a very cute birthday card, a beautiful handstitched bag and Matryoshka doll rubber stamps. She made the rubber stamps and bag. I absolutely love this handcrafted gift made by her. It's very special.

From my friend Susi in Austria, a great letter, FBs, pretty handcrafted birthday card, notepad, lovely Magnolia rubber stamp and some confetti.

And, this beautiful card from my friend Ioanna in Greece.
I really feel so spoiled and lucky to have such wonderful friends who remember me on my birthday and always. Love to you all. :)

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  1. WOW!! You are very lucky, indeed!! :) Wonderful mail!! Your penpals seems to be very gifted handicraft workers.