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Friday, May 10, 2013

Another mail update & National Scrapbooking Day!

Hi all!  The weather has been gorgeous and I've been busy which is why I haven't been around much lately.  I LOVE this time of the year.  I'm quite behind on my hobbies though.  Yikes!  Well, this weekend the forecast is for rain so I'll be able to hang out in my craft room.  I need to do some prep work for my painting class on Tuesday too and that'll take a while.  I have gotten some good mail in the past two weeks although my mailbox has remained empty for the past three days.  Not sure if the mailman decided to take an extra long weekend but I hope he brings me something on Monday.  Here's the mail that has come lately:
From my dear friend Rosita from Finland.  I always love reading her letters.  She also sent a great assortment of craft supplies.
From my sweet friend Rina from Japan.  I love her cute stationary and she included a couple of FBs.
From my dear friend Lone from Germany.  She always writes her wonderful letters on such pretty papers.  She also included some craft supplies and decos.  The Suzy Zoo deco (bottom right) is a homer.  It's so cute!
From another dear friend, Andrea from England.  She included a lovely photo of Teddy, the newest addition to her cat family.
From my friend Jeanette from Denmark.  She also included a lovely swap of decos.
A "Vintage Easter" ATC + extra papers.
A beautiful "Travel" deco and "Peter Rabbit" ATC.
A variety of decos.
A beautiful "Vintage Child Star" deco.
Craft supplies.
A wonderful selection of craft supplies and yummy chocolates.
Last Sunday was National Scrapbooking Day here so my friend and I went to a couple of stores in Montreal.  I bought a few items as it was 20% off in one of the stores.  I can't wait to start using everything.
Take a look at some of the papercraft works on display at the store.
And, finally, a look at some of the supplies I've bought in Sherbrooke (the city I live in) recently.
Have a nice weekend everyone!


  1. Hi! My name in Giorgia and i'm from Italy! I'm interesting to swap decos and stationary staff if you want! I'm 33 years old mom of 1 girl ^_^ - My english is poor and excuse me so for every mistakes! I write also in french! contact me if you are interested or GIORGIA GEISHA in facebook! Bye bye! Very nice blog!

  2. Wow, everything is so cute!<3