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Saturday, June 23, 2012

A little mail update!

Hi all!  I am thrilled to say school is finally out for the summer.  Well, I still have to go into the office one day next week for the morning to finish up some stuff but then I won't go back until the very end of August.  Yahoo!  It has been such a busy June and now I can focus on my hobbies and cleaning my very messy house.  I have received some mail in the past few weeks which I would like to share with you.
I received this wonderful letter from a new friend Kirsten from Germany.  We had been swap partners quite often and decided to become pals as well.  She sent such a wonderful letter written on such pretty paper (upper right corner) and some lovely craft supplies.
Kirsten also sent this lovely selection of decos.
 I also received this wonderful letter and postcard from my friend Agnieszka from Poland.
I received another great letter written on such cute paper from my friend Susanne from Australia.
A postcard I received from my friend Tanya from Australia.
Another great letter from my friend Reiko from Japan.  She always includes photos of her recent craft projects and family.  She is really talented in cross stitching.
A sweet letter from another new friend Jeanette from Denmark.  She included such a cute cat deco.
Decos I received from a swap partner.
Some mail art I received from Mariza from The Netherlands.
A wonderful letter from my friend Lieve from Belgium.
A beautiful deco I received for a swap from my friend Vanessa from the USA.
This is definitely the smallest deco I have ever received.  It is really lovely.
Beautiful decos from a swap partner.
More decos from another swap partner.
And there you have it, the mail I have received recently.  Hopefully I can post more often since I have more free time.  I'm also planning to revamp my blog within the next month.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend people!


  1. Have a wonderful vacation, my dear, relax and enjoy the summer time! <3

    PS. I made some changes to my blog, I removed the users ability to comment because lately my moderation list was full with religious bigot messages. Some people are acting like posessed when they see the word "pagan"... :( So... if there is something, please use my e-mails. Thank you.

  2. Wow, you receive so much wonderful mail Jacqueline. Yeah, I see mine too :)